Express access to CX1 and CX2

Standard access to our systems is unmetered and free-at-the-point-of-use. If you find yourself requiring more than the standard service provides, for example to meet a specific deadline, you may pay for express access. 

The current charges for express access are: 

  • CX1: is £0.32/node-hour, using nodes with 48 logical CPUs, 128GB of memory and low-performance interconnect. 
  • CX2: £0.64/node-hour, using nodes with 28 physical CPUs, 128GB of memory and high-performance interconnect. 

Request express access, please enclose a list of users and a GL Code for recharge. 

Additional resources 

Run a Python and R notebooks using Jupyter. Please visit Microsoft Azure Notebooks and sign in with your Imperial College Login.