Governance structure

External Advisory Group:

To discuss and agree forward looking vision for RCS service combining needs of College and emerging trends in the field.  Will make recommendations to shape the future direction of the service.
Membership:  Spencer Sherwin (Chair), Faculty membership TBC, external expert opinion
Frequency:  Annual Meeting

RCS Operations Board: (reporting to VPR and CIO)

Monthly meetings:
To provide governance over the day to day running of the RCS, review operational performance and feedback from user group.
Membership:  Matt Harvey (Chair), Core RCS and ICT Operations staff

Quarterly Meetings:
To govern the RCS budget and prioritise work within the current year and to recommend budget and priorities for the coming year.
Membership:  Spencer Sherwin (Chair), Operations board + additional members to provide faculty / department views

RCS User Group:

To enusre end user engagement and feedback regardsing service. Undertsand training needs and how to engage beyond the current community. 
Membership: Mike Bearpark (Chair), membership TBC - mix of expert users and new users
Frequency: Once per term