We provide several separate and distinct storage areas for every user: 



$HOME Your home directory.
This filesystem is relatively small and you have a quota of 10 GB of space.
It is intended for storing binaries, source and modest amounts of data. It should not be written to directly by jobs.

Your work directory on CX1 and AX4.
This filesystem provides a larger area (initial quota 250 GB).
It is intended for storing files between jobs and for long term data storage.

$WORK is not accessible to jobs running on CX2, which should use $SCRATCH instead.


A temporary directory created for each job, and the job's starting working directory. It is deleted at the end of the job.

Jobs should write to this space, and then copy output back to $WORK as the last step in the jobscript


The equivalent of $WORK for jobs running on CX2, only accessible on that system. Although $WORK is visible on the CX2 login node it is not accessible to running jobs.

You can also access Box and your H: drive from login.cx1.hpc.imperial.ac.uk. See module load box and module load h-drive for more information. 

These file systems are not appropriate for the storage of sensitive data.

If you are unsure whether this applies, please contact the RCS Service Manager.