We offer an extensive range of training courses, from Software and Data Carpentry courses that teach core research IT skills, though to specialised courses on programming and applications. Below is a list of upcoming courses. You will also find some general training links and a list of past courses. 

If you have any questions please contact the HPC training specialist Katerina Michalickova. We also welcome suggestions regarding new training topics. 

Upcoming courses

Beginner's Guide to HPC - January 18, 2019


The course will provide participants with a hands-on introduction to the HPC systems at the College. The class is intended for HPC newbies, we'll start with the very basics of cluster computing.  After an introductory part, we'll log into the cx1 system for guided exercises that will require some prior knowledge of command line and shell scripting. 



The class requires some prior knowledge of command line (basic file and directory management commands and a simple text editor, e.g. nano).  You are welcome to use the class PCs or you can bring your own laptop, Windows users will need a secure shell client installed (e.g. putty https://www.putty.org).


  • systems at Imperial
  • login
  • file transfer
  • module system for available software
  • file management on the clusters
  • queue system
  • job parameters
  • serial job script
  • input and output files
  • hands on serial job
  • multiple serial job script
  • hands on multiple serial job


Class details and dates:
18 January 2019  14.00 - 16.30 ICT training room, Central Library 2014, South Kensington Campus Katerina Michalickova from the RCS and Computational Methods Hub
Summary of the table's content23 February 2018



General training links

General training links


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Specialist Postgraduate IT training courses   

The Centre for Continuing Development offers several specialist Postgraduate IT training courses. Check their website for details, dates and registration. 

The  Linux for HPC Beginners course offered by the Centre for Continuing Development the HPC Service arranges training courses for HPC users. The courses are generally scheduled to be run when there is sufficient demand to fill all the places. Generally a professional trainer is contracted to deliver the course. Every course is tailored to the particular needs of Imperial College HPC users and there is usually a substantial practical content. Where possible arrangements are made for GSEPS accreditation. The courses are run on a cost recovery basis, which means that there is a fee for each course and that each course must have sufficient number of attendees (usually 12) to be run.

Software Carpentry  The Software Carpentry Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members teach researchers basic software skills.

ARCHER training  

ARCHER is UK National Supercomputing Service. The ARCHER training team delivers HPC classes at various universities including Imperial and UCL.

ARCHER training page.

ARCHER Virtual Tutorials and Webinars  

Several virtual tutorials and webminars offered by the ARCHER service. They take place usually at 15:00 UK time on Wednesdays.

Science and Technology Facilities Council  Latest events.
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