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You can book a 1-to-1 session with a Digital Education Team member to:

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  • Discuss an open support ticket
  • Arrange a bespoke technical solution

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The Digital Education Team are responsible for all centrally supported online learning technologies:   

We provide comprehensive support for all our systems, including advice and guidance, detailed staff and student help materials, in-depth training sessions, reviewing new solutions and features, liaison with 3rd party vendors and the development of technical enhancements.   

If you need any assistance from the Digital Education Team, please contact the Service Desk, or use MS Bookings for more specific help.  

Key services

Custom Developments

We develop custom software extensions and solutions for Blackboard, Panopto and other Digital Education systems to improve functionality and streamline administrative processes.   


Custom reports are available for departments on the use of Blackboard, Panopto or any of the tools we support. Although most systems offer standardised report generation, custom reports can deliver specific insights into students’ use of e-learning systems beyond those available by default.  

Key services 2


Interactive, face-to-face training sessions are provided for the systems that we support. These range from short, specialist focus courses to longer training workshops. 


Ed-Tech Onboarding Course

The Ed-Tech Onboarding Course provides an introductory guide to the relationship between the Digital Education Team and Faculty Learning Technologists and Ed-Tech teams. It offers details of systems supported across the college, as well as contact information, available training, common requests and how to get help. 

Subscription Services

Special Interest Groups

The ICT Special Interest Groups focus on helping Learning Technologists and the Ed-Tech community keep up to date with the latest developments for centrally supported Digital Education systems.

Digital Education Bulletin

The Digital Education Bulletin provides a monthly update on E-Learning systems, including outages and usage statistics, as well and information from vendors on content and upcoming events.

Distribution Lists

Managed Email Distribution Lists for updates to all our major systems. These include scheduled upgrades, service monitoring reports and changes to operating processes.

Meet the team

If you would like to know more about what we do or would like to collaborate with others in the community with similar interests, look out for us at events and we will do our best to answer your questions or put you in touch with someone who can.

Support team

John Ramsay - Digital Education Support Team Lead 

Lee Greatorex - Digital Education Support Specialist 

Rachael Hayes - Digital Education Support Assistant  

Technical team 

Jonathan Blatchford - Digital Education Technical Manager 

Nick Collis – Digital Education Technical Analyst 

Deven Patel – Digital Education Technical Specialist