It is possible to expand the functionality of Blackboard Learn and integrate other systems by using the Building blocks and Learning tools interoperability (LTI) specification.

There are two ways in which we can extend Blackboard Learn:

  • using existing building block or integrations (see procedure below);
  • developing our own building blocks or integrations.

If you wish to develop functionality that is not currently available as a building block, you should contact the E-learning Services team to discuss it.

Request an extension

Current status of building blocks and integrations

This section lists the building blocks and integrations that are currently available or have been requested.

BB mobile Enables mobile access to Blackboard via the Mobile Learn app. Building block Core  Installed
Equella Provides integration with Equella. Building block Core  Removed - product decommissioned 
Online attendance Provides the ability to record attendance. Building block Desirable Rejected (not compatible with custom roles).
Piazza Provides integration with the Piazza Q&A tool. LTI integration Desirable Installed
Starfish Provides integration with the Starfish tutor system (pilot). Building block  Core Installed
Turnitin Provides integration with Turnitin. Building block Core Installed
VitalSource Provides integration with VitalSource platform for Library/FoE pilot. Building block Desirable Installed
WebPA Provides integration with WebPa. LTI integration Core Installed
Reading list Provides integration with the Leganto reading list tool. LTI integration Core Installed
Maple TA Provides integration with Maple TA. Building block Core Installed
Möbius Provides integration with the Möbius pilot. LTI integration Desirable Requested (April 2016)
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