Batch Processes in Panopto

The Panopto front end interface only allows for singular creation and editing of schedules, folders and permissions. To facilitate the creation of multiple instances of the above, the E-learning Team have developed a system that allows these to be created as batch tasks via a CSV upload. Requests for these should be sent via the form only.

Please see the form for details and example templates of the CSV format required.

Please note:

Please be aware that submitted CSVs will not be validated or checked by ICT, you are responsible for their contents. A receipt will be provided once the batch has been processed.

The ASK request form is restricted to Panopto Videographers. If you require access please contact your departmental Learning Technologist and they can facilitate this.

Batch processes available include:

  • Scheduling Recordings
  • Folder creation
  • Folder renaming
  • Granting permissions to folders
  • Removing permissions from folders
  • Toggling RSS availability