Password protection

The following types of content do require permissions and can be password protected:

  • normal capture link to Silverlight player;
  • folders
  • embeded MP4 links.

Note: if you add your permissions to the Silverlight link it will automatically be added to this one.

The following types of content do not require permissions and cannot be password protected:

  • downloaded MP3 and MP4 files;
  • RSS feeds;
  • offline viewer.

Most of the folder permissions and individual recording permissions are the same. The only difference is that the folder permissions allow you to add Viewers and Creators where the individual capture only allows you to add Viewers. 

Change permissions

By default, all recordings are made private (secure), however it is possible to change the setting to public.

There is a better option between private and public: restricting access. Instead of making a folder or recording public and open to view by anybody (if they have the link) or Imperial College London account holders (via the server), the restricting access option limits access to a specific list of people of your choice.

Restrict access

Restricting access is the most secure way of delivering your content. It is recommended that you use this method instead of making folders or files public.

To add specific users you must first obtain their Imperial College London user IDs. Do not add people by email address. If you add by email address it will add the users but they will not be able to log in with their College username and password. 

The most efficient way to restrict access is by Active Directory Groups, which are used throughout College. This can be done via the same process as individuals.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your College username and password.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Select the folder or individual capture that you want to modify and click the Share button. It can be easier to add users to a whole folder instead of having individual files. Folder permissions will be inherited by any captures that are placed inside this folder.
  5. Type in each user ID or group name in the Enter people, groups, usernames or email addresses field. If the ID or group name is correct it will list the associated email address next to it. 
  6. Add users as viewers or creators to a folder via the menu on the left hand side, if required. If you are adding them to a recording they will automatically be a viewer. Creators are people who can make recordings and viewers are people who can view recordings.
  7. Click Share when you have selected one or more users to add.

Inherited permissions

It is easiest to add a group or individual permissions to the folder, as all individual recordings will inherit these permissions when they are created. If you look at individual captures in their Share tab, you can turn this feature off by un-ticking Inherit folder permissions.

Recordings can only inherit permissions from their direct parent folder, not the grandparent or great grandparent folder.