Windows installation instructions

Windows installation instructions before 16 July

  • Click on the Windows (Start) button,
  • Type control panel and click on the top result.
  • Click on Programs and Features.
  • Locate and select Panopto on the list of applications and click Uninstall.  Follow the directions to uninstall.
  • Log in to the Panopto server
  • Select Download Panopto
  • Most computers at the college are 64-bit so choose the Download Installer for 64 bit.
  • Follow the directions for installation. Use the default destination folder.  You will notice that the version number of the recorder will appear at the bottom of the window where you select the Destination folder.


Windows installation instructions after 16 July

  • Login to your Panopto personal recorder by clicking on the Panopto icon on your desktop

Panopto icon

  • If your personal recorder is 5.5 version or older then you will receive a dialog box as seen below.  Click on the Download Now button.


  • Two things will occur after you select the Download Now button.
  • The older version of the personal recorder will be uninstalled
  • A newer version (5.6) will be installed.