Leganto Reading Lists

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Library Services introduced a new Reading List tool in 2016 - Leganto Reading Lists is an interactive, student facing reading list system.


Leganto Reading Lists will enable academics and department administrators to build reading lists for students. Staff will be able to manage, edit and update existing lists in one place and it can be integrated with Blackboard course pages.

The key advantage of Leganto Reading Lists is that new lists or edits to existing lists can be communicated to Library Services quickly and easily. Library Services to will be able to make sure those items are available for students quickly and easily.


Students will have access to their Leganto Reading Lists with relevant course materials directly in their course area in Blackboard. Students will be able to click straight through to the Library Search record, journal article or e-book.

Use Leganto Reading Lists:

For Leganto Reading List user guides and information, go to Reading Lists. For support and advice, go to ASK the Library.