Once you have created a recording you can edit the recording before you share it with staff and students. The following tabs include instructions on setting permissions, downloading and editing recordings, including adding media, merging two recordings and using the Panopto Quiz tool.

Edit and share a recording and setting permissions

Setting sharing permissions

Navigate to a folder and select the Share icon that displays when you hover over a recording.

This will display the “Who has access” section, listing what type of access is set for that recording, who can access the folder and what level of access they have. The sharing options available include:

Inherit permissions from “Parent Folder”
A Panopto folder also contains sub-folders. Sub-folders inherit the permissions of the parent folder immediately above, unless the access is specifically changed for a sub-folder

  • Specific People – only users or groups listed in this section have access.
  • Anyone at your organisation with the link – any user with an Imperial College London account can view this recording provided they have the link.
  • Anyone at your organisation – Any user with an Imperial College London account can view this recording and it can be searched for within the Panopto navigation interface.

Adding users

To give users access, enter their name, username or email address in the Invite people field. If required, the user can be notified by email. You can also give access to groups and distribution lists using the same method.


  • When adding users, always wait for the drop-down list to appear and select from that. Do not just add their credentials.
  • Creators will need to be added at folder level beacuse only viewers can be added to a recording.
  • Read our web page on Sharing recordings with an external audience for information on how to share content with individuals outside of the College.

Edit a Panopto recording

Panopto provides online editing facilities for all recordings. To edit content, you will need the creator permission for the appropriate folder or recording.

Note: Edits or cuts that are made to different content streams are never permanently deleted and can always be restored if needed.

Note: Any Creator on a folder can edit any recording in that folder, regardless of whether they are the author of that recording

To make a simple edit in Panopto

  1. Locate the recording you would like to edit.
  2. Hover over the recording and select the Edit button. The editor will open in a new browser tab and you can begin editing your recording. Select the Scissors icon located above the timeline to enter editing mode. If you want to zoom into your capture timeline or zoom out (to improve your view) use the zoom in and out buttons.
  3. At the desired point on the timeline, hold left click and drag until the required section of the recording has been highlighted in grey.
  4. If you have made a mistake you can select the undo arrow located in the top right of the screen or click on Revert and then OK to remove all your edits and start again. 
  5. Once satisfied with your edits, click on Publish.  
  6. The edit will take a short time to process.

Detailed instructions on using the editor can be found on the Panopto Support website.

Inserting additional content

You can add additional content to a session by selecting the Add Content button just above the timeline. Content that you can add includes:

  • Add a stream – allows you to drag and drop files (PowerPoint slides, audio or video) into the session as secondary or primary content. Alternatively, you can locate the files on your computer by clicking either upload box.   
  • Add a clip – use this to insert another Panopto session into the current session.
  • Add a quiz – add a quiz to the timeline
  • Add a YouTube Video – Allows a content from YouTube to be added. Copy and paste the web address for the required YouTube video into the Link field and select Done
  • Add a webpage – Allows a link to a webpage to be added into the timeline

Copying, merging or deleting a recording

These settings can be found by selecting a recordings settings icon and going to Manage.

Copy session
This will create a copy of the session (recording) in the same folder and is useful to do before editing or making other changes to an original recording. Enter the new name of the session and select Copy.

Merging into another session
To merge two sessions (recordings), select the folder that contains the session you would like to merge the current session with. Locate the session and select Merge.

Delete session
If you would like to delete a session, select Delete. Please be aware that this will permanently delete the session from Panopto’s server and cannot be reverted.

Download a Panopto recording

Panopto recordings can be downloaded as a Podcast as an alternative to viewing online in the web player.  Recordings can be downloaded either as an Audio Podcast (MP3) or a Video Podcast (MP4). The ability to do this is controlled by the folder or recording creator.

Recordings can be individually setup to allow downloading or this can be set for an entire folder.

To access the Video podcast (MP4) or Audio podcast (MP3) download options for a recording, follow these steps:

  1. Go to imperial.cloud.panopto.eu and enter your College username and password.
  2. Locate the individual recording that you wish to alter.
  3. Hover over the recording and click on the Settings cog.
  4. Select the Outputs tab.
  5. From here you can set the different output options for viewers

Panopto Web Viewer

Click View Session. This will launch the video in a separate tab. This is how users with viewer access will see the recording online.

Video podcast (MP4)

To view or download a video podcast (MP4), follow these steps:

  1. Change the format of the MP4 if required via the Type dropdown menu. The default MP4 style is Picture-in-Picture which displays the video on the bottom left hand corner of the screen capture. Secondary Video OnlyPicture-in-Picture and Side-by-Side view are also available. If desired, you can also change the picture quality in the Quality dropdown menu.
  2. Press the Apply button and wait for the recording to reprocess.
  3. Click on View Podcast or Download Podcast if you want to view or download the MP4.

Available options:

  • Mixed video: To be used when you have slides and video without any screen capture. It will alternate between the video and the slides when you view the MP4.
  • Primary video only: Will only show you the video in the MP4.
  • Secondary video only: Will only show you the screen/slide capture in the MP4.
  • Picture-in-picture: Will show you the screen/slide capture with the video on the bottom, right hand corner in the MP4.
  • Side-by-side: Will show you the screen/slide capture with the video on a side panel in the MP4.
  • Tile All Streams: Will add small versions of each input on one screen.

Mobile devices

  • All recordings may be viewed on mobile devices. When a user accesses a recording using the normal link on a mobile device, they automatically see a progressive MP4 version.
  • If you choose to leave your podcast format as the Picture in Picture default setting, you should consider the space that is available on your PowerPoint for the video overlay. Make sure to leave enough room so that the video does not cover anything on your slide. If you find that this is a problem and you want to remove the video so that your whole slide is available, you can use Side-by-Side View or Secondary Video Only.
  • Most browsers will not progressively download the recordings from RSS feeds. This means that when a viewer clicks on an MP4 or MP3 the browser will wait until the entire recording downloads before a viewer can access the recording. A recording lasting several hours could take 10 minutes to download or possibly longer due to its file size. If you wish to provide a progressive download then it is advisable to use the direct link to the recording.

Panopto Quiz Tool

The Panopto Quiz tool allows you to add quizzes to a video after it has been recorded. These are then completed by Viewers when watching back the recording. Quiz results can be viewed and downloaded by Creators.

To insert a quiz in one of your recordings, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your chosen session and select Edit to open the Panopto editor
  2. Using the Pointer tool, navigate in the Timeline to where you want to put a quiz
  3. In the left Navigation menu, click on Quizzes then select Add a Quiz
  4. A quiz window will appear in your secondary stream window where you can fill in the details for your quiz.
  5. You can now select the drop-down menu in the top right corner to show different types of quiz questions. The quiz options include True/FalseMultiple Choice, and Multiple Select.
  6. Another answer can be added by clicking "Add Answer...". You need to have the correct answer selected before adding another question. To remove an answer, click on the 
  7. Other quiz question types include True/False, which gives you the option to ask a True or False question. And Multiple Select, which gives you the option to have several answers present and more than one can be selected as correct.
  8. When you have completed your question and want to add another one, click the Add a Question button at the bottom of the form.
  9. APPLY BUTTONAPPLY BUTTON you have added all your questions, select Done. You will then be directed to the Options page for this Quiz. You now have options to:
    • Allow viewers to retake the Quiz
    • Show the grade after taking this quiz (If this is enabled you can also allow review of correct answers and explanations)
    • Allow review of correct answers and explanations
    • Block advancing in the video until answering this quiz
    • Delete questions by clicking the Xs
    • Reorganize the order of questions by using the arrows
  10. Once you are finished, click the Save button. The name of your quiz will now appear in the Quizzing pane.
  11. Repeat these steps for each quiz you want to add to your session. When you are finished, click Publish. During playback, when it is time for a Quiz the video will pause until the quiz is completed.

Quiz Results

Once a quiz has been completed, the results can be viewed and downloaded.

  1. Navigate to the recording that contains the quiz.
  2. Select the Settings cog for the recording and click on Quiz Results
  3. The results for each quiz in the session will be shown on this page
  4. You can download these results as a CSV file by clicking Download in the right-hand corner of screen