Panopto Capture is a browser-based recorder that can be used to add sessions to Panopto. It can be used as an alternative to the Panopto Personal Recorder. It requires no installation and is launched via a web browser. 

Once a session is recorded using Panopto Capture, it can be edited, managed or shared in the same ways that other recordings are. 


  • Creator access in Panopto* 
  • Latest version of: Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based), or Firefox browsers on Windows, Mac, or ChromeOS.

Note: Please make sure anti-virus exceptions are made for audio (microphone), video (web camera), and screen in your preferred browser.  

*You will need to have the Creator role on a Panopto folder to upload content or build a session. If you require Creator access, please complete a request via ASK Service Now. 

If you experience issues using Panopto Capture, please install the latest version of your browser in the first instance. If the issue persists, contact the ICT Service Desk for further assistance. 

Making a recording

To make a recording using Panopto Capture, follow these steps:

1. Go to and enter your College username and password.

2. Click on the blue Create button at the top of the screen and select Panopto Capture.

3. Panopto Capture will launch in a new tab and automatically pick up your default video and audio inputs. 

Choose your input

4. Select an audio source
 4.1 Clicking on the Microphone icon will display available audio sources. Click on an audio source to select it.Microphone selection 4.2 The bar at the left of each audio source box indicates the input level. Talking at a normal volume will allow you to test your audio sources. Select an option that shows green in the bar. If yellow or red levels are displayed, the audio may be distorted. If green is not showing, the microphone is not picking up audio.
 4.3 You can check your audio level whilst recording by monitory the line that runs through the record button. This line will react when your microphone picks up sound, showing the input level as a wave.

5. Select a video source

5.1 Clicking on the Camera icon will display available video sources. Click on a video source to select it. If you do not want to record video, clicking on the ticked option will deselect it and no video will be captured.Video input

 6. Select application sources

Note: If you are using Mozilla Firefox, these options may be displayed differently.

 6.1 Clicking on the Monitor + icon will display available Application sources. You now have the option to record either your entire screen, individual applications that are currently running, or separate tabs open in your browser. Monitor input

 6.2 To record everything that happens on a screen, select Your Entire Screen. Then, select the screen to record and click Share. Optionally, select Share audio to add the audio from your computer to the recording.

 6.3 To record everything that happens in one application window only, choose Application Window. Then, select the application to record and click Share.  You can use this option to record a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation for example.

 6.4 To record everything that happens in one browser tab, choose Tab. Then, select the tab to record and click Share. Optionally, select Share audio to add the audio from your computer to the recording.

 6.5 After choosing one screen or application source, you can add additional sources by selecting the Monitor + icon again and repeating the above. 

 6.6 A preview of your selected application sources will now be displayed. To remove a source, hover over the preview of the source and click the X icon. 

7. Recording the Video

7.1 To begin recording your video, click the round red record button at the bottom centre of the screen. Panopto Capture will start recording after a 5 second countdown.

7.2 To stop recording, select the red square button

8. Video Upload and Processing

 8.1 Once the recording is stopped, your content will begin to upload to Panopto.

 8.2 If you would like to re-record the session, select Redo from the top right corner to return to Panopto Capture. This will delete any content you have just recorded.

 8.3 Whilst the recording is uploading, you can change the name and description for your session using the text boxes on the right-hand side of the screen.

 8.4 Check the folder that you are saving the recording to. The folder that you last used will be selected as default; you may need to change this to ensure the recording is viewed by the correct audience.
To change the folder, type the name of the folder or use the drop down menu to choose from your Panopto folders. You may need to liaise with your Faculty Ed-Tech team or Learning Technologist to ensure that recordings are placed in the appropriate folders and that the appropriate viewing permissions are assigned.

9. Sharing permissions can be set on a session immediately after recording. To add Viewers to just this recording, enter their name, usernameor email address in the Share this Video section and select the correct user or group. If you need to setup more advanced sharing options on this recording, select Mange Access. For further information regarding sharing recordings, please see our help materials.

10. You will be notified on screen when your recording is ready to edit. Click on Edit to open the editor and make any necessary post-production changes. For further information on using the Panopto Editor, please see our help materials.

11. After your recording has processed, you can view the session by selecting View.