TurnitinUK is for staff who do not use Blackboard. This system enables staff to submit student submissions themselves.

How does it work?

  • A lecturer or administrator sets up an assignment on TurnitinUK Online.
  • Students submit the assignment to the lecturer or administrator. This could be over email or through Blackboard.
  • The lecturer or administrator then submits student papers to TurnitinUK Online.

Students are not provided with accounts to TurnitinUK Online and so cannot submit their assignments using this system.

There are limitations to adding additional instructors and/or teaching assistants to the assignment to deal with administration and submissions with TurnitinUK Online. Therefore, only one person can administer the assignment.

Requesting access (staff only)

To request access to TurnitinUK online, please fill out a Turnitin support form to contact the ICT Service Desk. Once registered, you will receive an email containing your details. Within the system you can set up a class and for each class you can set up an assignment area where the submitted work can be uploaded. You will need to upload your student’s work for analysis.

Use Turnitin Online