We process software and software licences in Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS). To do this, we require an email from your departmental administrator or finance officer with the following information:

  • A completed licence form (available under the software name on Discounted software for students or Discounted software for staff).
  • The name and version of the software you wish to purchase.
  • The cost of the purchase, including VAT (request the cost if it is not displayed on the specific software webpage).
  • The full account code: Cost Centre - Activity Code - Analysis Code (165204) or Project Code, if you are paying using your project budget.

We use this information to charge you accordingly and will provide you with confirmation of the purchase, including the batch number and a scan of your stamped licence form. You will also be provided with the download instructions in a separate email.

If you are purchasing software for your personal computer, your department cannot pay for it. Some software can be sold for personal computers but you need to pay for this by card in person or over the phone.

If you need help, check the FAQ: Software or Contact the ICT Store.