Software Hub streamed applications

The Software Hub allows you to easily install applications which are stored on College servers.

To install these applications you need to have the program Application Jukebox Cloudpaging Player on your local PC. (The cluster PCs already have the player installed.) When you launch any of these applications, a token file downloads from the server to your local PC. You have to accept this token for the application to run.

On a college desktop – with player already installed

  1. Login to any PC in a cluster room in College.
  2. Open a browser and go to or click on the desktop icon.
  3. Enter your College username and password.
  4. Click ‘I have it' at the top of the page.
  5. Scroll down to find a program you wish to run and click Launch
  6. A token is downloaded to your computer. In Internet Explorer, it will automatically open and run the streamed application. In Chrome and Firefox, the token file will download and you need to click on the downloaded file to open it and then run the streamed application.
  7. While you are logged on, you can open the program again from the start menu.

On your own device

  • A connection to the College network is required for this to work. If you are off-site then use a VPN to connect to College network first.
  • The Software Hub requires Application Jukebox Cloud Paging Player to be installed. You only need to do this once.
  • You get the option to install the player by clicking on the “I need it” red button on the Software Hub webpage.
  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in with your College username and password
  3. You will then get diverted to the College log-in page and need to enter your username and password again.
  4. The Software Hub page opens
  5. Click on I need it – to download the player
  6. Click on Manual download.
  7. Run the downloaded program , and then accept all the defaults.
  8. The Cloudpaging Player will now open.
  9. Go back to your web browser and on the Software Hub page click on I have it
  10. The website will now download a small token file (.TOK file) to your computer. You need to run this file. In some browsers this will happen automatically but in Chrome and Firefox you will need to click on the downloaded .TOK file to run it.
  11. You are are ready to launch applications from the Software Hub webpage
  12. Hover over an application and click on Launch.
  13. A .TOK file will be downloaded to your computer. As before, you may need to click on this file to run it.
  14. Your application is now installed and the next time you need to run it you can just find it on your Start menu.


Microsoft Windows is required to use the software on the jukebox. If you use a Mac, you can access Windows by using virtualisation software and Microsoft Imagine to download Windows for free. 

Get Windows via Microsoft Imagine and follow instructions to use on a Mac. 

Request software 

If the software you need to use isn't available in the jukebox, fill in the request form in the Imperial Software Hub and we will try to install it for you, depending on licence restrictions. 


Software Hub FAQ

I’ve removed an application from my jukebox player. How do I get it back?

Re-add the application by going back to the software hub.

One of the applications I want to use isn’t working anymore. What should I do?

If you are unable to launch a previously operational application from your player, right click on it in the player and choose remove then reload it from the Imperial software Hub. If this doesn’t work, contact the ICT Service Desk.

Why did I get a licence error when I launched an application?

Some applications require access to licence servers on the College network, so you must be on campus or connected to the network remotely to use them. You can do this by setting up a VPN connection with the college.

Why did I get a server error when I logged in?

Use your College username to login, not ic\<yourusername>.

Why doesn’t the application jukebox start when I turn on my computer?

It is likely that the player settings have been amended. These can be found by going to Fileand then Options. Make sure that the Start Jukebox Player when Windows starts box is ticked. If the jukebox player still fails to launch, applications will not be available via the Start Menu. If you’re still experiencing problem, contact the ICT Service Desk.