Central Library

The Central Library Building Project Phase 2 aims to improve cooling and ventilation systems throughout the Central Library

Background to the project

Student feedback has highlighted problems with temperature control in the Central Library. This building work, which will represent a substantial investment in the College’s academic and student experience, seeks to address these issues and improve the working environment.

Initial building works are now complete. The main phase of the project will to go ahead in the summer.

The timetabling of the works has been undertaken both with a view to minimising disruption to our services during term time, and to give us the best opportunity possible to deliver material improvements to climate control on the upper two library floors of Central Library towards the beginning of the next academic year.

Project timeline

The information below is indicative and subject to change. We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

January - July 2017
 January – March Enabling works. Completed.
 Monday 3 April – Friday 7 July All building work stops for revision and exam period.
 Friday 30 June - Sunday 9 July Levels 4 and 5 cleared of all books and furniture. Books relocated to levels 2 and 3.
 Monday 10 July - Saturday 30 September Installation of cooling and ventilation system on levels 4 and 5.
 Sunday 1 October - Tuesday 31 October Furniture and books return to levels 4 and 5. Air conditioning system commissioned.
 Summer 2018 Installation of cooling and ventilation system on levels 2 and 3.
Project timeline – January to July 2017