Central Library Building Project FAQs

Why aren’t you closing the Library while the work is going on?

The library is a key resource for students and staff.  We recognise that people will want continued access to resources and study space during the duration of the building work. There will be some disruption but closing the library would be a much greater inconvenience.

Ear plugs can be obtained at the Information Hub and alternative study spaces are available.

Are there any other places I can study while some of the levels are closed?

Library users may use these alternative study spaces:

In the Central Library

Training rooms 1 and 2

You may use Training rooms 1 and 2 on level 1 when they are not booked for training sessions.

In College

Sir Alexander Fleming building (SAF)

Access to rooms G27, G28 and G29 is available Monday to Friday 08.00-17.30.

Common rooms, PC rooms, tutor rooms, cafeterias when not in use for lunch e.g. Junior Common Room and the Queen's Tower Rooms.

Other Libraries

Our libraries

Dana Research Centre and Library

Organisations and other universities with reciprocal arrangements with Imperial, see membership and borrowing.

Working from home

We have over 250,000 e-books and journals available on your computer from wherever you are. Find them using Library Search and connect with your College username and password.

How long will the work be going on for?

Work on levels 4 and 5 has been completed.

Work on levels 2 and 3 is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2018 and to be completed by the next academic year.

Where have the books gone?

During Summer 2018 books from level 3 will move to levels 1, 4 and 5.

Books will be available on the following floors:

  • Level 1: 0 - 53
  • Level 4: 54 - 619
  • Level 5: 62 - 999
  • Music scores: place a Request on Library Search

Where are the CDs?

The CDs are currently unavailable.

Where are the music scores?

The music scores are in the Central Library Store. To borrow one, please sign in to Library Search and place a request.

Collections from the Store are at 11.00 and 16.00 Monday to Friday.

Can I access Special Collections?

Special Collections are currently unavailable. If you require a particular item, please ask a member of library staff for help.

Will there still be access to the Business PCs?

The Business PCs (Bloomberg, Datastream and Moody's) will relocate to the level 1 Wolfson Suite for the duration of the Summer 2018 building works.