Top tips

Collaborative space can boost productivity   

Make sure everyone in your group knows how to use the tools

Don’t try and use every collaborative tool

When you are working in groups or need to collaborate with someone, there are a lot of very useful tools out there! It can be really helpful to think about the tools that you are going to use in advance, and use those that work for your project or assignment.  

The Imperial Success Guide gives lots of useful advice for students.

Collaborative documents

Office 365
With Office 365 you can share your documents with other users. This can be really helpful if you are working on a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation with colleagues. Your College account gives you access to Office 365 free of charge.

Overleaf can be particularly useful for students in Science, Technology and Engineering. This is a LaTeX collaborative writing tool so it can handle equations and scientific notation.

Google Drive 
Google Drive is a really useful place to store documents. You can also allow others to view or edit your documents.

Evernote is a helpful note-taking tool. You can share your notes with others, allowing them to edit and view them.

Collaboration tools

Don’t try and use every collaborative tool going. Remember, if you are working with a group you need other members of your group to engage with the tool. If there too many places to check or log in to, you may find that people get confused. Keep it simple.

Wikis can be useful if you are working on group projects with a variety of shared documents. A wiki can act as a central hub to draw all of these together and host a discussion and collaborative workspace. There are several Wiki platforms on the internet. We recommend Confluence.

Skype for Business can be a really useful communication tool. It is free for international calls and allows for conference calls.

Basecamp is a project facilitation tool. 

Be aware that when you are signing up to services which may be external to the College you are agreeing to the service provider's terms and conditions. We strongly advise that you check, read and understand these. Additionally, think about your data management and back up important information! Work in cloud-based documents such as Google Docs, save a copy of your work externally and save frequently as you work.