Find out what motivates you

Take breaks and come back

Manage distractions e.g. Facebook, television, etc.

Motivation tips

Depending on which browser you are using there are plug-ins to block certain sites (e.g. social media)

Thinking about how you manage distractions. The Sussex University skills Hub has a lot of tips:

Sussex University Skills Hub

After discussing or starting a project, the initial rush of enthusiasm can fade. Keeping your motivation up will help you to complete projects and assignments.

A clear focus is important for your motivation, as is some indication of when you will be finishing. Planning can really help with motivation. Different people find that different things motivate them. Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Take regular breaks
    - Leave your work area completely
    - Have a stroll outside, make a cup of coffee
  • Avoid being drawn into something on the internet, or television or a conversation that you will find difficult to break away from
  • Vary your tasks so you are not always working on the same thing
  • Tackle tasks that you find uninteresting at the start of a work period. Get them out of the way and reward yourself with more inspiring work
  • Evaluate your progress - when you are planning your work, build in some milestones so that you can measure your progress in some way
  • Keep an ideas diary - sometimes distractions will pop up. These may be ideas for further research or interesting resources that are not relevant to your current work. Keeping a note of these can mean you can follow up at a later date, but it also helps you to avoid distractions from your current work
  • Celebrate. Sometimes it is good to celebrate when you have finished a task or achieved a good mark. This can help to motivate you in the next task

Finally, you should assess how effectively you are fulfilling all of your commitments. Once you have developed an initial plan of your activities and tasks you will need to reassess it as your priorities and commitments change.

If you have produced an action plan for a project, keep this with you and tick off areas of completed work to stay on track.