2 minute guide to Library Services

2 minute guide to the Library

What are the best ways to study?

At university, in comparison to school or previous levels of education, you are expected to take much more responsibility for your own learning. Each student has their own ways of studying, but here are a few things to consider.

What’s expected at Imperial?

A few key things to start to prepare you:

How is university different

Learn how you learn

It’s important to understand your style of learning so that you can study and find resources that suit your style.

Different methods of assessment:

During your course you will come across several different types of assessment. Get to know the criteria and structure for each to get the best result.

Methods of assessment

Understanding the question and assessment criteria

You need to understand what is being asked of you in the assessment, so make sure that you understand the question. Your ability to answer this is what is being assessed.

Understand your question - advice from the University of Birmingham

Using feedback to improve

If you have completed previous assignments and feel that you could have done better, look at the feedback and focus on the points raised.

Improving through feedback