Uncharacteristic writing or shifts in style

Markers have a very good and thorough knowledge of the sources in their field, and they will usually recognise if the ideas or concepts of other writers had been used but not referenced.

They might notice uncharacteristic writing or shifts in style within your work if you’ve used the wording of another writer.

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Consistency in citations and references

They will check that you have consistently provided citations and references.

If there is a suspicion of plagiarism, the marker could simply put a sentence or paragraph from your work into a search engine like Google and this might return the original source.

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Text matching software

Markers can also use text matching software called Turnitin to cross reference your assignment against other sources. Turnitin produces a similarity report for your assignment, the report highlights text in your assignment that matches text in other sources.

Note - Don't use any free or paid for online plagiarism checkers as you may inadvertently sign away the rights to your work. Only use a plagiarism checker provided by your department (not all do). If you are unsure or have questions ask your tutor or your librarian.

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