SciFinder is a key chemistry resource comprising of CAplus 1907-, MEDLINE 1950- and substructure module covering the subjects: chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, and related disciplines. This software can only be used by current staff and students at Imperial. Scifinder must not be used for commercial research.

To view a list of recommended browsers and operating systems visit SciFinder System Recommendations and Requirements.

Access SciFinder

There are two methods of access to SciFinder:

1) SciFinder web

To use the web version of SciFinder you need to register whilst connected to the College network. You will need to provide your name, College email address, choose a username and password and answer a security question - entering other information is voluntary.

Once you have completed the registration form you will receive an email from CAS with the terms and conditions of use. Click on the link provided to complete your registration.

Click on the link below to begin.
SciFinder registration 

On-site access
Once you've registered you can log in via the SciFinder web home page when on site.

Off-site access
To use SciFinder web off-site you must connect to the College network via and then log in with your SciFinder username and password. If you see a security certificate error page please select to continue to the website.

2) SciFinder mobile

Once registered for SciFinder web you can log into your account from your smartphone via whether on, or off-site. SciFinder mobile does not include all the functionality of the PC version.

Further assistance

Contact your Chemistry Librarian or  ASK the Library.