Christmas feedback tagsThank you to all those students who gave us feedback on library services at the end of last term. We received almost 450 comments. We particularly appreciated all your kind wishes and positive feedback about the library team. Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide a panda or free cake, but we are pleased to announce that we will be working towards solving the temperature issues at Central Library this year. Please read on for a summary of the comments and our response.


Many of you commented on the temperature in the Central Library and we are delighted that early indications are that a project to improve cooling and ventilation will take place in 2017. The full programme of work is currently being refined by College, but we anticipate that the extensive building programme will begin in the summer vacation period. Prior to that there will be some enabling works from January. For more information and project updates visit Central Library Building Project Phase 2.

To improve heating at St Mary’s we have recently installed 5 Dyson hot+cold units in the gallery. Visitors to the library are welcome to use these as required.

Study spaces, PCs and power

We are aware that the Central Library is particularly busy at exam time and finding a place to study can be difficult. In addition, the age of the building means that the provision of power sockets is not as universal as we would like. We endeavour to create additional space where resources permit and recently opened a new silent study area on level 3 creating 24 new spaces with power sockets.

If you are unable to find a free PC we offer a laptop loans service with 36 laptops available for Imperial students to borrow for up to 4 hours. Should you require one for a longer period, just return it and borrow another. The ICT Virtual Desktop Service is also available for temporary access to College software via your laptop.

Maintaining quiet and silent study environments

Noise on the silent and quiet floors of the Central Library is an occasional, but very frustrating, problem. Ideally we'd hope students will be confident enough to ask colleagues to observe these guidelines but library staff are always happy to intervene on your behalf. If you wish to report noise you can send an anonymous text to 020 7594 8883 (remember to include your location).

Central Library entrance

During cold spells, the Central Library automatic doors are on a "winter setting". This is one of the measures used to try and maintain a comfortable environment within the building. Last term there were additional issues with a faulty door which have now been resolved. Please take care when entering and leaving the building, and report any issues to our attendants.


We received a lot of comments about the cleanliness of our toilets and the occasional appearance of mice. We’re discussing these matters with the relevant College teams. With the building in such constant use, there are certainly challenges to keeping everything as clean and tidy as we would like. One quick win is for everyone to make sure they dispose of food waste in the black bins, and of course report any problems to a member of library staff.

Food and drink

We appreciate your feedback regarding the provision of food and drink, vending machines, etc. in the Library Café. We will pass these to the Catering department.

Continuing feedback

We’re happy to receive feedback about all our libraries. Have your say and drop us a line at or contact us via ASK the Library.