Requesting access

Access to the applications management system, or to inform us that you require changes to your responsibilities/the applications you are seeing, should be requested by completing the New User/ Change User Form - Admissions system and attaching it to an ASK request. As soon as your access has been granted you will be notified. Please note that if you require Recorder access (to manage applications for your Department) you will need to undertake training before your access is set-up. More information on how to book training can be found here. If no sessions are showing, please contact

Access roles and responsibilities

These are described below:

  • Department Decision Recorder:  Departmental staff responsible for managing applications and recording final decisions (attending training is mandatory for this role).
  • Department Decision Reviewer:  Departmental staff responsible for assessment of applications and decisions.
  • Read Only/Reporting: For staff who require read-only access to applications and/or dashboard reporting.
  • Admissions Officers: For Registry Admissions and ICBS MBA staff who manage applications (attending training is mandatory for this role).

Training is mandatory for staff members requesting the Department Decision Recorder and Admissions Officers roles. Please Book a training session

System access

You will be able to access the Applications Management solution via My.Imperial using your College single sign-on. Please follow these instructions to login:

The URL for accessing applications through My Imperial is: Once you have opened this page, you will see three tiles:

  1. Applications 2019/20 entry
  2. Applications 2018/19 entry
  3. Application Reporting 2018/19 entry

Click on the Applications 2019/20 entry to access applications and reports for this coming admissions cycle.

The first time you Login you will need to choose your organisation. To do this, click on Other organization. Type in your email in the format Click on Next. This will take you to the College single sign-on page.

Every time you open the URL from now on you will be directed to sign in via your College single sign-on. Sign in with your username and password.

Firefox is the recommended browser. Pops up will need to be enabled and printing settings will need to be configured depending on which browser you are in. Please refer to applications management user guides or online videos for more information.

If you require access to Applications 2019/20 entry and you are unable to login, please raise an ASK request.