Fire EngineEvery week the College experiences two or three incidents with the potential to disrupt academic activity.  Every year one or two Higher Education Institutions experience a major incident with recovery costs running into tens of millions of pounds and disruption to normal activity lasting several years.

 Prior planning and the implementation of, frequently cheap and simple, mitigation can often substantially lessen the impact of and speed recovery from a disruption. 

 Significant incidents are statistically more likely to occur outside working hours.  College response to an incident is generally, at least initially, led by the support divisions but if the incident is more than minor they will quickly wish to engage with the affected academic departments.  The ability to contact the appropriate academic staff, out of hours is thus essential.

 These processes, known as Business Continuity Management, are explained on this website and should not be burdensome.  However, if not undertaken the consequences of an incident are significantly more likely to be burdensome.