As identified in the Business Continuity Policy, in order to respond effectively to an incident the College will need to assemble staff most appropriate to the management of the incident and this requires robust call out procedures. As a result, it is necessary to be able to contact certain staff 24/7. It is necessary that those who need to be contacted provide their work, mobile and home telephone numbers, in addition to their email address. It is understood that there are sensitivities with regards to the provision of home and mobile phone numbers and they will be treated as Confidential with access limited only to those who need to maintain the call out list or access it to instigate a callout in the event of an incident, this will normally be done by Security.


The range of incidents that may affect the College and require out of hours response is wide and varied including, but not limited to: fire, flood, loss of utilities (power, water, gas), loss of ICT services, data protection issues, staff and student activities both in the UK and overseas, press and media enquiries, other untoward events. 

Building Managers compile and maintain call out lists for those liable to call out with regards to incidents affecting the buildings for which they are responsible. This is supplemented by Heads of Department who are required to inform members of their department who may be required to assist during an incident and require them to provide their 24/7 contact details to their Building Manager.

In order to avoid duplicate call out lists, all those liable for call out will be recorded and their details updated by the Building Managers. To avoid gaps for incidents other than those affecting Estates Facilities, call out lists will be reviewed by the Head of Business Continuity, Risk Management, ICT, Communications, College Secretariat and Safety with a view to identifying gaps that may be apparent.

Lists will be updated twice a year, typically before Christmas and Easter.


The President’s office will maintain a register of the whereabouts and contact details of College senior staff.