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Data quality statement

Imperial College London will seek to continually improve the quality of its data. High quality data are essential to the production of robust management information, which both enables decision making and informs planning.

The College will measure the quality of its data against the following key characteristics:

  • Accuracy
  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Timeliness
  • Relevance
  • Completeness

Please note that this document relates to institutional or management data. College policy on the use of scientific data can be found here: Research integrity pages

Data quality objectives

The College aims to:

  • Clearly define responsibility for data quality
  • Ensure that staff recognise the need for good quality data, and understand how they contribute towards achieving this
  • Put in place appropriate policies and procedures throughout the College
  • Implement systems and processes to secure good quality data
  • Ensure that staff have the relevant knowledge and competencies for their roles in relation to data quality
  • Subject data to appropriate internal control and verification.



The Council has overall responsibility for the efficient management and good conduct of all aspects of the affairs of the College.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the College's internal control systems. The Committee is required to give, as part of its annual report, its conclusions on the adequacy and effectiveness of the arrangements for the management and quality assurance of data submitted to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), HEFCE and other funding bodies.


The President has a general responsibility to the Council for maintaining and promoting the efficiency and good order of the College. As Designated Officer the President is responsible for compliance with the HEFCE Funding Memorandum. Responsibilities include signing the major funding returns and the annual assurance return to HEFCE which requires an explicit data management assurance.

College Secretary

The College Secretary has overall strategic responsibility for data quality. He is a member of, and is responsible for reporting to, the Provost's Board.

Provost's Board

The Provost's Board approves the data quality statement and is responsible for the implementation of policies relating to data quality.

Heads of department

Heads of department are responsible for the quality of data collected, input and maintained in their departments; for ensuring that members of staff understand the importance of good data and their responsibilities; for ensuring that appropriate procedures, systems and processes are implemented, clearly documented and communicated to their staff; and for ensuring that members of staff have the training and competencies required for their roles.

Heads of departments who are the data owners' of management information systems are responsible for ensuring that the College complies with all statutory reporting requirements and for the implementation of appropriate internal controls and verification of external data returns.

Members of staff

Members of staff who have responsibility for collecting, inputting and maintaining data are responsible for ensuring that data are accurate, up-to-date and complete.

All members of staff are responsible for ensuring that changes to their personal data are recorded in a timely way, either by using the College's self service systems or by notifying the appropriate internal department.

The policy was approved by Management Board on 25 June 2010