The following information was published by the College in July 2014

How is the President’s salary determined?

Imperial’s Council, the governing body of the university, approved the recommendation of the Appointment Committee to appoint Professor Alice Gast as the College’s new President and the recommendation of the Remuneration Committee on the appropriate terms.

The annual salary of the President will be approved by the Remuneration Committee, a subcommittee of the Council comprising experts from industry, higher education and government, which was established to ensure a careful, impartial and informed review of senior staff salaries at the College.

When approving emoluments, the Committee reviews salaries in light of comparative information from comparable organisations, while acknowledging Imperial’s position as a globally-renowned institution.

What will the new President be paid?

The proposed emoluments of the President for 2014-15 are:

  • Remuneration:   £349,138
  • Other:  £16,000 (approx.)
  • Employer’s Pension Contribution:  £55,862

Total:   £421,000

This information is the estimate at July 2014 of the figures expected to be published in December 2015 in the College’s Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The £16,000 (approx.) listed as ‘other’ is the estimate of the taxable benefit which the President will be assessed as receiving by living on campus in an apartment within 170 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, a historic building that is used by the College for a range of official ceremonial and meeting functions. It is a requirement of the position that the President lives on campus.

For several years the Times Higher Education has published an annual survey of all Vice Chancellors’ remuneration based on the information provided in university annual accounts.  View the latest survey published by the Times Higher Education in April 2014.

This article includes links to a downloadable table of all Vice-Chancellors’ emoluments, as well as a downloadable table of the top 10.  It should be noted, however, that the emoluments reported in by THE are for the academic year 2012‒13.  Professor Gast’s emoluments given above are for the academic year 2014-15 and so are in no way comparable to the figures given in the THE tables.  Comparable figures will not be released by other universities until around December 2015 and are unlikely to be published by the THE until April 2016.