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Terms of Reference

1. To review the College’s policies and management arrangements covering all aspects of Information Governance.
2. To commission annual assessments and audits of the College’s Information Governance policies and arrangements.
3. To promote awareness of information governance and work with the Information Systems Security Group with the authority to implement changes.
4. To establish and monitor implementation of an Information Governance Improvement Plan.
5. To receive and consider reports into breaches of confidentiality and security and where appropriate to undertake or recommend remedial action.
6. To oversee arrangements for liaising with the NHS on the application of its information governance toolkit for the College’s use of patient data in research.


7. Members
a. The College Secretary & Registrar (Chairman)
b. The Chief Information Officer
c. Faculty Operating Officers [Business School and Medicine] 
d. The Head of Central Secretariat and Assistant Clerk to the Court and Council 
e. Academic Registrar / Deputy Academic Registrar 
f. Director of the Research Office
g. Director of Strategic Planning / Senior Strategic Planning Officer
h. Academic Consul 
i. Head of Governance 
j. Chair of the Information Systems Security Group