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Terms of Reference

  1. To keep under review the College Information Security and Data Protection Policies and Codes of Practice, with a view to striking a balance between access to and security of information held in the College, whilst ensuring compliance with current legislation, and to formulate such additional policies, codes of practice and guidelines as may be required to meet changes in the legislation in the future.
  2. To review the implementation of and compliance with the current College Information Security Policies and Codes of Practice in light of the annual reports received from CAOs of Departments, Divisions and Centres and any reported breaches of information security.
  3. To consider the information security implications of any proposed changes to the College's Information Strategy, or of the introduction of new technology.
  4. To make recommendations for changes to the existing policies and Codes of Practice to the College Information Strategy Committee.


  • 2 Members from the Faculty of Medicine
  • 3 Members from other Faculties
  • 2 Members from ICT
  • Representative from ICU
  • Secretary