Provost’s Board
The Provost’s Board is responsible for the delivery of the College’s core academic mission: education, research and translation. This includes oversight of the quality and efficacy of education and research; recruitment, development and retention of academic and research staff; and student life and well-being.  It also has responsibility for delegated budgets and their financial control.
Its members are:
• Provost, Professor James Stirling 
• Vice-Provost (Education), Professor Simone Buitendijk
• Vice Provost (Research), Professor Nick Jennings
• Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Jeff Magee
• Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Gavin Screaton
• Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Tom Welton
• Dean of the Imperial College Business School, Professor Nelson Phillips
• Associate Provost (Academic Planning), Professor Neil Alford
• Associate Provost (Academic Partnership), Professor Maggie Dallman
• Vice President (Communications and Public Affairs), Mr Luke Blair
• Chief Financial Officer, Mr Muir Sanderson
• College Secretary & Registrar, Mr John Neilson
• Director of HR, Mrs Louise Lindsay
• Director of Enterprise, Dr Simon Hepworth
• Mr James McSean (Secretary)