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In keeping with its academic aims and purposes, the College encourages the closest liaison between its staff and external bodies, including industry. In encouraging such interaction, the College is mindful of its obligation to provide safeguards against anything arising from these interests which could be detrimental to the College or to individual College members.

These polices have been revised to provide greater clarity regarding College members’ obligations and responsibilities in a) seeking approval in advance for external interests, b) identifying conflicts of interest and c) ensuring accurate declarations, no less than annually. The revised policies also define what is meant by an External Interest.

All College Members must request approval before engaging in an External Interest by submitting the Approval form for External Interests (word document) to their Head of Department. Requests for approval can be made at any time throughout the year. College members must also complete the Annual Declaration of Interests which is circulated via email in January each year.


Register of External Interests and Annual Declaration Policy May 2015

Conflict of Interest Policy

Retention of Income from External Interests Policy – August 2018

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