Can I bring someone who is not from Imperial in the Hackspace?

Sadly, no. For insurance reasons we cannot accept someone outside of the college without prior consent or as part of a Hackathon activity. If you are not from Imperial and would like to work on a project in our space and give back to the ICAH community you can sign up to be a Hacker in Residence. If interested please email .

Is the Hackspace open to the alumnis?

Not at the moment. We are working on creating a membership for alumni.
In the mean time you can sign up to be a Hacker in Residence. If interested please email .


Where can I buy my own materials?

You can buy sheet materials for the laser cutter and 3D Printer filament from ICAH. 

We also have recommended suppliers located around London which you can find here.

I have signed up, but I haven’t received confirmation yet? What do I do?

Give it a few more days, sometimes due to our busy schedule it can take time to fully process your application… if it has been more than a week, please let us know as your application may genuinely be missing.

Do I need to sign up every year?

No, you'll be a member until you leave Imperial.


What inductions do I need to do?

To access the Digital Manufacturing Space in 10 Princes Gardens it is advised for you to have an induction into the space, not just to show you how to use a 3D printer but also to introduce you to the space, show you where everything is… tools, kit… but more importantly, Fire exits and First aid kits. If you wish to attend this induction, please feel free to email Eifion Nightingale on

To see induction requirements for other spaces please see the facilities page

Do you have a laser cutter?

Yes, we have a lasercutter.
If you would like an Induction they are every Tuesday evening at 6:00pm. Please feel free to just show up and someone will be there to give you an induction. The induction will last between 30-50mins depending on the size of the group.

Using Printers

Do I need to Book some time on the printers?

No. Our printers are on a first-come-first-served basis. If a 3D printer is available feel free to put a print on.

What happens if the printer doesn’t work?

In your induction you will be told about some common issues that plague 3D printers and how to deal with them. We encourage our users to try and fix minor problems on their own but for bigger problems it is ok to ask a member of the hackspace team for help.

Where is my print?

If it isn’t in the printer or on our finished print shelf… Then I may have some bad news...

How much and where do I pay for my Prints?

We charge as close to cost as possible. We charge 8p per gram for ABS or PLA (You will be told how much your part weights before printing). We do have other materials available but we may charge extra for these as some of them can get quite expensive.


Can I use my own materials in the laser cutter or 3D printers?

We are more than happy for you to bring your own materials, but please inform a member of the hackspace team before you begin… sometimes some materials may be unsuitable or the machines may need preparation.

Which materials can be cut in the laser cutter?

Obviously, anything that we supply is laser cutter safe, however if you bring your own material please consult the hackspace team before trying to cut it on our laser cutter. The only things that we guarantee that we cannot cut at this stage are metals (Our laser cutter is not powerful enough), Vinyls or Foams (Some gasses used in the production of foams can be damaging to your health).