Ceramic 3D Printer

Team: Umar Hossain
Date: December 2016 - Ongoing
Course: Biomechanics PhD student
Topic: An extrusion style wet clay printer for creating intricate/complicated geometry that would otherwise be unattainable by normal pottery means.
Funded by: Project Boost Grant, Autodesk
Contact: umar.hossain12@imperial.ac.uk

I have a keen interest in the intersection between art and science, and the explosion in the application of CNC machines to assist in creative processes.


To this end, building a ceramic 3D printer that uses normal modelling clay has long been a desire of mine. It will be used to create functional and beautiful clay objects that are only possible using new 3D printing technology which is now readily available to artists or engineers. The clay is extruded through a nozzle using air pressure, and servo motors control the height and position of the nozzle over the printing surface. After printing the many intricate layers in clay, it can then be finished, biscuit fired and glazed like a normal ceramic object.

Ceramic objects with complex internal structures and surface patterns will be possible using this ceramic 3D printer.