ProLung Experience

By ProLung experience

ProLung1The ProLung Experience is series of interactive games for children to promote awareness of COPD and lung health, creating behaviour change and indirectly raising funding for COPD Research.

We created a COPD breathing simulator, which is attached to a web game. Using the material we were given - Sensirion flow meter, some 3d printed parts and uni-directional valves, we created a mouthpiece that allows the normal breath to come in, but restricts the breath outwards, mimicking the shortness of breath in patients. Early prototype game has a character moving forward on the screen, and the breath powers the character to run along. As you breath out, you see and feel how much of an impact the lack of breath has, inspiring empathy.

ProLung2ProLung3To reach people in developed as well as developing countries, we proposed a low tech solution: lung health lifestyle board-game with a lung shape necklace of detachable alveoli. As you play along, you land on positive and negative impact squares. For example, if you land on a carrot, you can leap forward in the game, but when you land on a cigarette, you have to take off ten alveoli. The aim is to end the game with as many alveoli as possible.