2-year postdoctoral position in Computational Aeroelasticity

Deadline for applications: 17 December 2019. 

Focus will be on innovative computational modelling strategies to identify aeroelastic instabilities in both nominal and off-design conditions, and the identification of design procedures to suppress them. We specifically seek direct methods for flutter solution that leverage on adjoint solvers to dramatically accelerate the exploration of complex design spaces. The project will build on the fluid-structure interaction capabilities of the open-source SU2 solver (https://su2code.github.io).

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Fully-funded PhD studentship in Gust Load Alleviation Methods

Deadline for applications: until filled

Expected starting date: 1 October 2020

Many advanced air vehicles are sized to sustain gust loads and active aeroelastic control presents a strategy to obtain large weight savings. Sophisticated load alleviation strategies need both nonlinear aeroelastic simulation and nonlinear control tools tailored to the complex physics of the incoming nonstationary flow (dx.doi.org/10.2514/1.G000715). This PhD will explore strategies for load alleviation on next-generation flexible aircraft under realistic atmospheric conditions (obtained from realization of the Navier-Stokes equations). It will build on the open-source SHARPy aeroelastic environment (www.imperial.ac.uk/aeroelastics/sharpy).  Interest candidates please contact Prof Rafael Palacios (r.palacios@imperial.ac.uk) via email with the subject: Gust Loads PhD.


Latest update: 16 Nov 2019