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 NameProject TitleProject TypeStart Date
Ahlfeld, R Ahlfeld, Richard Uncertainty Quantification and Rare Events in CFD Computational 6 Oct '14
 MMatos Albuquerque Da Silva Matos, Miguel Antã³Nio Modelling of the mechanical and electrical response of composite materials Computational 19 Oct '15
 Portes Alves Portlea, Felipe Multisolve   2 Sep '13
  Amigo, Ricardo Cesare - Computational 10 Jan '15
  Baj, Pawel -   3 Mar '13
  Basbug, Salur Multisolve   22 Sep '13
  Binti Daud,  Jannah Renewable and functional cellulose-based composite food container Experimental 16 Mar '15
  Brandley, Eileen Nanocomposites (CNT) Experimental 1 Dec '15
 BredaM Breda, Massimiliano Fine-scale turbulence in compressible and incompressible flows Experimental 6 Oct '14
  Broughton-Venner, Jacob Aeroservoelastic Optimization of Aircraft Wings with Load Alleviation Systems Computational 6 Oct '14
  Bullegas, Gianmaria - Computational 1 Apr '14
  Cassinelli, Andrea High order modelling of turbine and compressor blades Computational 1 Nov '16
  Cea Esteban, Alvaro Assessment of geometrically-nonlinear effects in aircraft loads Computational 26 Sep '16
  Cetto, Raul Nasal airflow Computational 30 Sep '11
  Chang, Kuan (Creedy) Modelling of failure in composites Mixed 12 Dec '15
  Chermprayong, Pisak Autonomous Construction and Manipulation with MAVs Experimental 15 Apr '15
 IffanD Dafydd, Ifan Structural Health Monitoring of composite aerospace structures Mixed 5 Oct '15
  de Giovanetti, Matteo - - 6 Oct '14
  del Carre de la Portilla, Alfonso Towards real-time high-fidelity aeroelastic computations on very flexible aircraft Computational 19 Sep '16
  Doohan, Patrick Tackling coherent structures at high reynolds numbers with dynamical system approaches Computational 3 Oct '16
  Eichstaedt, Jan Simulation of cryogenic sloshing in micro-gravity using SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)   1 Mar '16
  Fabian Buscarilol, Filipe An investigation on the effect of frontal permeability over the f Joint IC/USP PhD degree Computational 25 Sep '16
  Fantuzzi, Giovanni Long term behaviour of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation via automatic background flow generation Computational 15 Jul '14
 GauchH Gauch, Hannes Modelling of air-blast on off-shore platforms Mixed 12 Oct '15
 GaymannA Gaymann, Audrey Robust Topology Optimization methods for fluid dynamics and structural mechanics for gas turbines Computational 5 Oct '15
  Geraci, Giorgio - Computational 1 Mar '14
  Ghebali, Sacha Turbulent drag reduction by wavy wall Computational 6 Oct '14
  Gonzalez, Alvaro Aeroelasticity of deformable wing turbine airfoils Computational 24 May '10
  Gramola, Michela Developing smart adaptive flow control strategies in order to improve the stability of shock waves   3 Oct '16
  Grechy, Lorenza - Computational 15 Oct '13
 hASAr Häsä, Riikka Johanna Design of more damage tolerant composite structures Mixed 1 Nov '15
  Hervy, Martin Design, fabrication and assessment of sustainable nanocomposites Experimental 2 Feb '15
  Hijazi, Hussein Understanding Delamination Suppression at High Deformation Rates Computational 1 Feb '15
  Imediegwu, Chikwesiri Design and Manufacturing optimisation of UAVs Computational 29 Feb '16
 Vasilis Ioannou, Vasilis Sound Radiation from Free Shear Flows Computational 3 Oct '15
  Iori, Francesco Novel Geometric Configurations for High-Patency Arterio-Venous Fi Mixed 1 Aug '14
  Katafiasz, Tomas Testing of automotive composites Mixed 15 Sep '14
 Kocaman Kocaman, Esat Selim Floating Node Method Computational 18 Jan '16
 lAMBINET Lambinet, Florian Structural Health Monitoring of composite aerospace structures Mixed 12 Oct '15
  Li, Diyang Design and manufacturing of short reclaimed carbon fibre composites Experimental 31 Mar '16
  Li, Jun Composites and Material Innovation   3 Oct '16
 Loppi Loppi, Niki High Accuracy High Fidelity CFD fro Hydroacoustic Source Prediction Computational  8 Apr '15
  Marcon, Julian Adjoint based P- and R-mesh refinement for high order flow simulation Computational 12 Sep '16
Salvatore Maraniello, Salvatore   Computational  
  Mohamied, Yumnah   Computational 29 Sep '12
  Melina, Gianfrancesco Multisolve - 2 Sep '13
 Atrash Mohsin, Atrash Mechanical testing of automotive composites Mixed 20 Oct '14
  Morse, Llewellyn Reliability based analysis with the boundary element method Computational 3 Oct '16
  Moura, Rodrigo Costa - Computational 28 Sep '13
 Narducci Narducci, Federico Next generation of lightweight composites: how far can we go? Mixed 7 Jan '15
  Navadeh Abazar Sahraei, Navid Mechanics of Composite Wind Turbine Blades (part-time) Computational 5 May '15
  Nie, Yuanbo Optimized Control Systems Design for Aircraft Upset and Recovery Computational 3 Oct '16
  Nissim, Lee - - 3 Oct '16
  Ntemos, George  - Computational  2 Sep '13
 Ortega Ortega Ancel, Alejandro CDT Experimental  5 Oct '15
  Peacocke, Lisa Next generation aero-decelerator heat shields for Mars entry vehicles Mixed 3 Oct '16
 Pietropaoli Pietropaoli, Marco CDT Computational  5 Oct '15
  Poggi, Dalila The development and investigation of component manufacturing processes using a novel thermoplastic interleaved carbon-epoxy composite Mixed 5 Sep '16
 Rabey Rabey, Paige CDT Experimental  5 Oct '15
  Razavi, Seyedalireza Testing of automotive composites Mixed  2 Feb '15
  Rees, Thomas - - 3 Oct '16
  Ritchie, Louisa Form and function of the nasal airways Computational  1 Nov '14
  Rodriguez Lopez, Eduardo Multisolve Experimental  2 Sep '13
  Rose, Jan Numerical simulations of diffusion tensor cardiovascular magnetic resonance based on histology Computational 3 Oct '16
  Sanchez-Fernandez, Ruben Computational aeromechanics of actuated micro-air vehicle wings Computational 1 Jul '14
  Santmarti, Alba Engineering high performance (nano-)pulp & (nano-)paper based composite laminates Experimental 7 Nov '16
  Shawki, Karim Unsteady Aerodynamics and Control Computational 3 Nov '16
  Song, Wenzhe Manufacture new high performance polymer foams for specific engineering application Experimental 8 Apr '15
 SongY Song, Yichi Fracture of Composites: Experiments and Modeling Mixed 9 Oct '15
 sTERIOS Steiros, Konstantinos Multisolve - 2 Sep '14
  Sun, Jingjing Modelling and developing high-performance ductile composites Experimental 5 Jan '15
  Syed Abdullah, Syed Idros Operational threats to composite aerostructures Mixed 17 Nov '14
  Taylor, Oliver Hypersonic Aerodynamics Mixed 6 Oct '14
  Turner, Michael High-order Grid Generation for Computational Fluid Dynamics Flow Computational 6 Oct '14
  Viti, Andrea - Computational 1 Nov '14
  Wan A Hamid, Wan Luqman Hakim Morphing Composites structures Mixed 1 May '15
  Willows, Michelle Novel design of polymer shields using recycled material Mixed  1 Jul '15
 Dandan Xiao, Dandan  - Computational  2 Dec '13
  Xiao, Qiwei Aerosol Deposition in the Airways  -  5 Jan '15
  Yu, Zhengrong  - Experimental 18 Nov '13
 Nan Yue, Nan Structural Health Monitoring methodologies for impact and damage detection composite aeronautical structures Mixed 12 May '15
  Zhang, Bohao Controllable stiffness material Experimental 12 May '14
  Zhang, Chi - Computational 1 Aug, 13
 Zheng Zheng, Shaokai Multisolve Experimental 2 Sep '13
 Zhou Zhou, Junyi New techniques in experimental characterisation of high performance materials. Mixed 6 Nov '15
  Zuffery, Raphael Synthesis of Novel Propulsion and Control Systems for Multi-model Robots   1 Mar '16