Dr Eric Chaput (Airbus)

Eric Chaput is an EADS Senior Industrial Scientist and Airbus Senior Expert in Aerodynamic Flow Simulation Methods. He has degrees in Fluid Mechanics and a Ph.D. in Energetics and Optimisation, Poitiers University(1983), followed by a Post-doctoral position in Experimental and Numerical Simulation of supersonic shock boundary-layer interaction, C.E.A.T. Poitiers until 1986.

He has joined Aerospace industry in Aerospatiale Les Mureaux, France, in 1987, at Launch Vehicles’ Division, developing CFD codes for aerodynamics of HERMES and ARIANE V programmes.

Since 1992, Eric Chaput has been working at AIRBUS in Toulouse in Flight-Physics Center of Competences, taking on successively the roles of Research manager for aerodynamics, then Group Leader for CFD, and Transnational Manager for Aerodynamics Methods & Tools. He is currently leading transnational teams as Senior Manager of Flight-Physics Methods & Tools.

He has been President of AAAF Aerodynamics Commission - French Aeronautical Society from 2001 to 2003. He was member of several evaluation and orientation boards of Research Laboratories at ONERA, INRIA and Doctoral School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of Toulouse University. He is the EADS representative at the Management Board of CERFACS and European Commission’s External Expert for High Performance Computing.

Professor Paul Curtis (DSTL)

Professor Curtis has worked in the area of polymer composite materials and aircraft structures for over 30 years. He has published over 150 papers & reports and has lectured extensively internationally.

He is currently the Capability Advisor to MoD for Structures & Materials and works in Dstl. He has technical responsibility for Dstl funded research work on materials, including the major MAST consortium. His work was rewarded in 1997 with a Senior Fellowship and he is now one of just ten Senior Fellows, who operate at director level in Dstl. Prof Curtis is a member of several committees in the UK including the EPSRC College, the TWI Research Board and the National Technical Committee for Materials and Structures. In 2010 he was elected to the board of the Materials KTN. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Institute of Materials Leslie Holiday prize for his lifelong achievements in polymer composites and his work aligning academia and industry. Paul holds visiting chairs at Imperial College and Bristol University.

Mr Dougie Hunter (Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace Ltd Registered in England)

Mr Douglas Hunter, B.Sc., M.Sc. MIMechE, MRAeS, was educated at Dundee and Cranfield Institutes of Technology, where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Design, respectively.  He has held a number of senior roles within British Aerospace, BAE Systems, Airbus and was most recently CEO at the Aircraft Research Association. His current role is Managing Director for Marshall Aerospace and Defence Advanced Composites.

Dr Stephane Mahdi (Airbus Toulouse)

Stephane has degrees in Mechanical Engineering studies from France, and subsequently read Composite Materials Engineering (BEng, University of Plymouth), Aerospace Materials (MSc, Cranfield University) and finally obtained a PhD from Imperial College in 2000. Stephane then moved to the Center for Composite Materials at the University of Delaware as an Invited Research Fellow to work on the development of ballistic resistant structures for the next generation of US Army Light Vehicles. Stephane then moved to The Netherlands and worked for an engineering company, Airborne, on projects including the fabrication of prototypes for the Oil & Gas, Automotive and Space Industries. In 2005, Stephane joined the Structural Analysis Department of Airbus and lead various Transnational Teams for the development of Policy, Calculation Methods and Tools for Airframe Design and Certification.

Stephane is currently leading Numerical Capabilities for Structures developments, and is an EADS Airbus Expert for Stress Composites.


Dr Stephen Rolston (EADS)

PhD in flow control applied to intake aerodynamics. Queens University Belfast.
1992-1995 Short Brothers (now Bombardier) Belfast Senior Engineer, Nacelle Systems.
1995-2009 Airbus.
Senior Engineer High Speed Wing Design Team Engineering Specialist: High Speed Wing Design.
Transnational Manager: Aerodynamics R+T.
Engineering Integrator for Flight Physics and the Wing Centre of Excellence.
2009-Present EADS Innovation Works.
Head of Aeromechanics Dept.