As per the information in your Student Handbook, the College has a procedure in place for students to request additional examination arrangements due to physical, learning or other disabilities. Please note that any arrangements you may have been granted at your former educational establishments will not apply here as we have our own assessment criteria and forms to be completed.

For further information and the forms required to make an application, please refer to the Additional Exam Arrangements information on the Registry website, ensuring you read all relevant guideline documents and forms before submitting your application to the Aeronautics Undergraduate Office as per the instructions below. 

If you require advice or assistance in completing your additional examinations application or need to arrange a full psychological assessment then please contact the Disability Advisory Service if you have not already done so.  Start of term is extremely busy for them so you are urged to make contact with them as soon as possible to arrange an appointment in order for any arrangements to be in place for your first exams in January.  

For information on the College Procedure for the Consideration of Additional Examinations Arrangements in Respect of Disability please refer to the exam arrangements and re-sits information.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee additional exam arrangments can be accommodated if we are informed at short notice.  Therefore you need to factor this in to your decision if you decide to go skiiing, snowboarding, play contact sports all of which significantly increases the chances of you breaking a limb etc. 

Applications Process for MSc Students

1. Email the Senior MSc Administrator by 5pm on Friday 30th October 2020 stating you intend to submit an application for additional examination arrangements, indicating briefly the nature of your disability (clearly state your name, programme and CID). If the process is unclear and you wish to speak to someone, contact the Departmental Disability Officer Dr Oliver Buxton.  In order for arrangements to be in place for your January examinations, you would need to submit your application to the Senior MSc Administrator by 5pm on Friday 27th November 2020.

2.  Please ensure you follow the instructions as relevant below to avoid any delays in processing your application as incomplete applications will be rejected and may result in no arrangements being in place for your first examinations in January.  The onus is on students to ensure all the required information is provided.

  • Students applying for additional arrangements for specific learning disabilities must complete Name; CID; Department/Division (Aeronautics); Undergraduate/Postgraduate fields in the "Request for Additional Examination Arrangements: Specific Learning Disabilities" form leaving the rest of the form to be completed by the Department.   This form must then be submitted to the Senior MSc Administrator with your full psychological assessment report (required).   Students who do not already have a valid psychological report need to contact the Disability Advisory service to arrange an assessment (if you are unsure if your psychological report is valid or not please refer to Section 2.7 in the "Procedures for consideration of exam arrangements in respect of disability" document). 
  • Students applying for additional arrangements with physical disabilities or other needs must complete Student Name; Department; CID; Subject (Aeronautics) fields  in the "Medical Certificate for Candidates Requesting Additional Examination Arrangements" form.  This form must then be passed to your Doctor to complete ALL of the remaining fields ensuring before signing and stamping (required).

3. All new applications for students sitting Summer examinations must be submitted to the Senior MSc Administrator by Monday 8th March 2021. Please be aware that if you fail to submit an application or submit an incomplete application by this deadline then we may not be able to make any arrangements for your exams. Once applications are received they are first assessed by the Disability Officer before being submitted to Registry for assessment by the College's special examinations panel.


4. As soon as the Department has received the decision on your application from Registry you will be informed. This can take anything from a few days to a few weeks so please be patient but you will be informed as soon as we are.

Once your application has been approved please note that this will remain in place for the duration of your studies unless you advise us otherwise.