Spacecraft Engineering Programme

Module aims

All current second year students must complete their options as if continuing on the H401 programme next year.  To apply for the H415 programme please select "H415 Spacecraft Engineering Programme" on your DSS when selecting your modules ensuring you select the relevant space modules as indicated on your options form below to meet with the programme requirements (if you don't get a place on the H415 programme you can still continue to do the 'space' modules on the H401 programme or email the UG Office to change, subject to availability).  ​​

Note that the H415 programme is currently capped at 20 students.  A selection from the list of applicants, based primarily on academic criteria will be made by the DUGS after the examination results have been finalised following the exam board in July.  All applicants will be contacted by email as soon as this has been completed, we will not be responding to individual queries.  ​