Tuesday 5th October 2021

Refer to your timetable when released for details of which welcome event you must attend.
10:00-10:45   Department Welcome/Briefing for Group 1  (CAGB 300)                         
11:15-12:00    Department Welcome/Briefing for Group 2  (CAGB 300)

                     Head of Department Professor Paul Robinson;
                     Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) Dr Errikos Levis
                     Director of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
                     Senior Tutor Dr Yongyun Hwang
                     Student Wellbeing Advisor Miss Amy Picton
                     Tutor for Women Dr Zahra Sharif Khodaei                 
                     UG Office Staff: Ms Jackie O'Neill, Ms Jie Du, Ms Shirin Yoosoofsah and Mr Fortune Belletty

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Microsoft Teams Online Events:
09:00-10:00  Final Year (H401,H415,H420) Long Projects Briefing: Dr Errikos Levis
10:00-12:00  Imperial Careers Service Briefing:  Mr Mark Allen

Thursday 7th October 2021

09:30-12:00  Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Training for AE4/AE5 MEng Students: 
                     Dr Daqing Yang, Dr Elnaz Naghibi, Dr Maria Ribera Vincent, Dr Roderick Lubbock, Dr Siti Shamsuddin, Dr Errikos Levis.
                     Optional sign-up event for students who would be interested in tutoring first year small class events
                     Full information issued nearer the time
14:00-15:00   Final Year (H401,H415,H420) Long Project ICT Briefing: Dr Omar Bacarraza Nogales 
15:00-16:00   Final Year (H401,H415,H420) Long Project Health and Safety Briefing: Dr Nigel MacCarthy

Friday 8th October 2021

09:00-11:00  EEE Optimisation (refer to Imperial Outlook calendar for either event room or teams link)
11:00-12:00  Final Year (H410,H41E) Short Projects Briefing: 
Dr Errikos Levis
14:00-15:00  Introduction to Aerospace Vehicle Design (H410,H41E):  Dr Errikos LevisDr Robert Hewson