One of the main objectives for the Agri Futures Lab is the translation of its research achievements to end-users. Industry plays an essential part in this process and we are keen to engage and develop relationships with a wide range of partners in the private sector, with a particular emphasis on cross-departmental and solution-focussed Agri-sciences research programmes. This is supported by the college's Corporate Partnerships team, helping to grow these relationships on both a national and international level.
Agri Futures Lab offers flexible ways of collaborating with industry, such as ConsultancySponsorship or Collaborative research.

As a corporate partner you will have access to a wide spectrum of activities within the Agri Futures Lab such as workshops, creativity events and seminars as well as a unique choice of Imperial College London research groups to interact with.

 If you would like to take advantage of our tailored partnership packages please contact us for further information.