NexGenAgriChem: PhD projects

Qi Yuan

The development and application of quantum chemistry based tools to predict the photochemical stability and photoproducts of herbicides

Nate Barlow

New technologies for modelling, monitoring and predicting agrochemical transport in plants

Sophie Sim

A novel two dimensional infrared spectroscopic tool to study herbicide interaction in plants

Tarun Khanna

Development and application of the AMBER Molecular Mechanics force field to investigate herbicide interaction in plants

Ololade Adeniji

Novel chemical probes to investigate the metabolism and mode of action of insecticides

Wouter Mooij

Novel chemical probes to probe the metabolism and mode of action of fungicides

Mladen Stojanovic

Chemical dissection of the targets of insecticides with a novel mode of action

Roman Fedoryshchak

Lipidated proteomics: Chemical validation of protein lipidation pathways as antifungal targets

Heng Zhang

Multiscale analysis of protein and DNA structures: from atomic structures to large-scale conformational substructures

Tom Mickleburgh

New technologies for the quantification of protein copy number and protein-protein interactions in single plant cells

Valerio Converso

Biochemical imaging of compounds in plants

Elizabeth Noble

Using fluorescence imaging to probe the distribution, delivery and uptake of agrochemicals in plants

Zijing Liu

Transcriptomic and proteomic data analysis: extraction of landscapes through geometric dimensionality reduction and multi-scale clustering