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If you would like information about organising a reunion, please contact the Alumni Relations Office on +44 (0)20 7594 6138 or at

 Interested in reconnecting with a few friends or organising a class reunion? The Alumni Relations Office is here to help. And since planning a reunion might seem like a daunting task, here are some ways we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss your reunion!


Need some useful information about finding the best accommodation, or an expert Imperial contact to help organise your College venue or catering requirements? We can provide the right information. We’ll even let you know if your proposed reunion clashes with other important College dates or if there are other alumni events you may be able to combine with.

Finding old friends

When you’re trying to find old friends, we can help by searching our database of 190,000 alumni. Due to the Data Protection Act, we can’t give out contact details. But we can provide you with the names of all the alumni for whom we have contact details – and then get in touch with them on your behalf.


We’ll get in touch with former classmates on your behalf to gauge their level of interest, and also seek their thoughts regarding the type of event and location. Then we’ll ask them to respond to you directly. (Note: It generally takes a minimum of three weeks for us to produce requested data and send mailings.)


We will do what we can to promote your reunion, such as a listing in our online event calendar.