Dr Paulina Chan

The Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong has established a mentoring programme which gives Hong Kong students the opportunity to arrange one-to-one sessions with alumni to discuss careers and personal development.

Dr Paulina Chan (Electrical Engineering 1977), who is championing the scheme, says it enables students to continue their education beyond the core curriculum. “It fits perfectly with my personal vision of real education, which is well beyond studying and making all A’s” she adds.

The programme is run by volunteers and draws on the strength of the College’s alumni community in Hong Kong. The process of matching mentors and mentees began in June 2013 and more than 50 pairings have been formed.

Ken Ho, Chairman of the Hong Kong Alumni Association, says, “The mentoring programme constitutes one of the Association's signature initiatives and provides a platform for alumni to share their life lessons and wisdom in order to help nurture the talents of our next generation. I am excited by the prospect for further growth of the scheme, and I look forward to seeing its benefits in the years to come." 

Suraj Bassi

Deciding where to study can be a tricky decision for management professionals wanting to gain a postgraduate qualification. At Imperial College London Business School, alumni volunteers help to give candidates who have been offered a place an insight into life at the School, and go on to welcome them to the School if they accept the place offered.

Suraj Bassi, who graduated from the School in 2009 with an MSc in International Health Management, has been an alumnus advocate since 2011. “I see my role as a catalyst in helping students decide whether this is the right course and the right institute for them,” says Suraj. “There is nothing more rewarding than talking to prospective students and taking them from a ‘maybe' position to a '100 per cent yes, this the one is for me' position. Having thoroughly enjoyed the year I spent at Imperial College Business School and having gained so much from my MSc, I feel like this is a nice way of giving something back to the School.”

Suraj was also a member of the School’s Alumni Advisory Board from 2012 to 2014, offering his time and energy to help build a thriving alumni community. “I always wanted to promote good links between the Business School and industry,” he comments. “I saw this as an opportunity to get involved with the Business School alumni strategy and to contribute to improving the MSc in International Health Management.”

Dr Evie Mensah, Dr Timehin Duncan and Dr Maria Waters

Three alumni volunteers are bringing together 180 old friends from the Faculty of Medicine in what is to be one of the largest ever alumni-organised reunions ever seen at Imperial.

The reunion is aimed at alumni who joined the College in the three years from 1985 to 1987, and will include tours of the medical facilities at St Mary’s and the South Kensington Campus and an evening ball for 180 guests, featuring Dutch Courage, an alumni band.

The event has been organised by St Mary’s alumni Dr Evie Mensah and Dr Timehin Duncan, who graduated in 1991, and Dr Maria Waters, who graduated in 1992. The Imperial Alumni Office has been on hand to offer support when needed. “The team have reached out to an astonishing number of alumni to bring old friends back together again,” says Tom Pearson, Head of Alumni Relations at Imperial. “The reunion looks set to be a very successful and very professional event, and that’s down to the many hours of time that Evie, Timehin and Maria have volunteered.” 

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