Dr. Ana Vieira


Dr Ana VieiraDr Vieria is a a post-doctoral Bioinformatician in the Department of Infectious Disease at Imperial College London.

She has experience in next-generation sequencing data analysis (genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics and proteomics) of various organisms including  bacteria. She has wet-lab experience in several molecular biology techniques including library preparation.

Her role in the AMRWATCH project is to coordinate the next-generation sequencing, library preparation and the bioinformatic analysis of genetic material. This is in order to detect genetic markers of antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Thinesh Thangadurai


Dr Thinesh ThangaduraiDr Thangadurai is a Molecular Microbial Ecologist.

His role in this project is to design and select sites for sampling, by incorporating inputs from various stakeholders. In the second phase, he will be active in the metagenomic studies to help understand the ecological dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in bacterial communities.

He participates in awareness programs to teach the science behind antimicrobial resistance to the general public, school students, and policy managers.