Research grants and programmes using CAMO laboratories


Initial seed projects funded through CAMO are:

  • Optimising antibiotic therapy in multimorbidity using intelligent, personalised clinical decision support systems;
  • Point of Care (PoC) and Microneedle Sensors for antimicrobials;
  • Continuous minimally-invasive sensing of lactate for individual risk-stratification and antimicrobial optimisation;
  • Improving antimicrobial treatment of CNS infection through the development and validation of peripheral real-time monitoring and machine learning algorithms;
  • Improving antifungal treatment and addressing antifungal resistance in cystic fibrosis-(CF) related fungal lung disease;
  • The role of RNA Sepsis Response Signatures (SRS) in guiding Sepsis therapy.


Priority Pathogens focuses on understanding the emergence, evolution, transmission, acquisition, carriage, and pathogenesis of key priority pathogens, using novel molecular, genomic and mathematical modelling techniques. 

Precision Prescribing will work to optimise antimicrobial prescribing, preserving their effectiveness and minimising AMR by tailoring prescribing to the individual and the infection.

Practice, design and engineering will explore ways of reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)/AMR through the use of intelligent design. We are considering the ways in which information is captured and presented to improve practice and behaviour, physical environments and patient pathways to reduce risk.

Population health and policy will link large health datasets available locally and nationally. This will allow us to develop methods and tools for understanding risk at a population level and where to target action. It will also allow us to evaluate the impact of policies and interventions, including any unintended consequences.