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Freedom of Information Compendium Publication Scheme Class

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Qualitative Data on the Quality and Standards of Learning and Teaching

Teaching and Learning - Class 7.6

Publication Scheme: Class

This class includes the following information on quality and standards of learning and teaching.

Examples of the type of information in this class include: feedback from recent graduates, for the institution, collected through the national survey; information on internal feedback mechanisms; a summary statement of the institution's learning and teaching strategy; summary statements of the results of, and the actions taken in response to, periodic programme and departmental reviews; summaries of the institution's links with relevant employers, how the those are used to develop the relevance and richness of learning programmes.
Sources used to compile this entry: Freedom of Information Act 2000, Model Publication Scheme for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Information Commissioner, 2003,
Prepared by: Gavan McCarthy
Created: 27 September 2003
Modified: 18 October 2005

Published by Imperial College, London
Comments, questions, corrections and additions:
Updated: 19 June 2006

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