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AB - Autonomous learning has been a promising direction in control and robotics for more than a decade since data-drivenlearning allows to reduce the amount of engineering knowledge, which is otherwise required. However, autonomous reinforcementlearning (RL) approaches typically require many interactions with the system to learn controllers, which is a practical limitation in realsystems, such as robots, where many interactions can be impractical and time consuming. To address this problem, current learningapproaches typically require task-specific knowledge in form of expert demonstrations, realistic simulators, pre-shaped policies, orspecific knowledge about the underlying dynamics. In this article, we follow a different approach and speed up learning by extractingmore information from data. In particular, we learn a probabilistic, non-parametric Gaussian process transition model of the system.By explicitly incorporating model uncertainty into long-term planning and controller learning our approach reduces the effects of modelerrors, a key problem in model-based learning. Compared to state-of-the art RL our model-based policy search method achieves anunprecedented speed of learning. We demonstrate its applicability to autonomous learning in real robot and control tasks.
AU - Deisenroth,MP
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TI - Gaussian Processes for Data-Efficient Learning in Robotics and Control
T2 - IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
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