DarkStars is a stellar evolution package intended for exploring the impact of dark matter upon stars.  It is based on the EZstellar evolution code, which is itself based on the STARScode,  and includes modified versions of some routines in DarkSUSY.  The source code is freely available for download.

DarkStars has been described in a series of papers and conference proceedings; if you publish work using or inspired by it, please at least cite the two articles included in the distribution:

Scott, Fairbairn & Edsjö (2009, MNRAS 394:82, arXiv:0809.1871)  ADSpdf

Scott, Edsjö & Fairbairn (2009, Proc. DARK2009, arXiv:0904.2395). ADSpdf

Please refer to those two articles for further information on the DarkStars code and its input physics.  You may also consider citing one or more of the other articles describing DarkStars: 

Fairbairn, Scott & Edsjö (2008, PRD 77:047301, arXiv:0710.3396)  ADSpdf

Scott, Edsjö & Fairbairn (2008, Proc. DARK2007, arXiv0711.0991)  ADSpdf 

Scott, Fairbairn & Edsjö (2008, Proc. IDM08, PoS(idm2008)073, arXiv:0810.5560).  ADSpdf
If you publish something using DarkStars, please also cite the 
EZ paper: 

Paxton (2004, PASP 115:699, arXiv:astro-ph/0405130),  ADS

as well as the original STARS papers: 

Eggleton (1971, MNRAS 151:351)  ADS

Eggleton (1972, MNRAS 156:361)  ADS

Pols, Tout, Eggleton & Han (1995, MNRAS 274:964, arXiv:astro-ph/9504025).  ADS 

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Please register as a DarkStars user by sending Pat a short email (p.scott [AT] imperial.ac.uk) with 'DarkStars rego' in the subject line, so that he can send you info on bugfixes, new versions, etc.

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